Cleanline Farm Services

Supplying Top Quality, Cost Efficient Products to Dairy Farmers since 1990

Cleanline Farm Services Ltd was established in 1990 By Joe &Helen Hayes. The main focus was to help farmers focus on how to improve wash routine and milking routine to get the best possible price for their milk.

Since 2005 we have a Mastitis S.C.C Programme for farmers who are having problems with erratic milk results and clinical mastitis which involves taking bulk milk samples and checking for all forms of mastitis.


11 O'Brien Street
Tipperary Town


Dairy Hygiene

Cleanline Farm Services provide a full farm audit of hygiene management on farm in the parlour and at housing for cow’s and heifer’s. A bulk tank wash routine advice programme is also available .

Control Your SCC with Essential Dairy Hygiene

Animal Health

Every farm will need Animal Health products at some point and here at Cleanline Farm Services, we stock a broad range of approved Animal Health Products.

A Full Range of Animal Health Products


From Fencing Hardware to Footwear, from Clothing to Hand Tools, Cleanline Farm Services provide a huge range of hardware products to our rural clients.

A Huge Range of Hardware