Bluegrass Working Dog

Bluegrass Working Dog

Essential Vitamins and Minerals in every bowlful of Bluegrass Dog Food. THIAMIN (B1) - Is necessary for the release of energy from carbohydrates RIBOFLAVIN (B2) -Important for healthy skin, eye, and paws. Helps release energy cells.FOLIC ACID -Essential for growing cells and healthy blood. Important for healthy pups and a healthy heart. VITAMIN B12- Helps blood cells grow and develop, Important for healthy nervous system.IRON -Helps the body’s use of oxygen, carrying it to all cells in the body.VITAMIN B6 - For healthy blood, skin and nerves, and proper use of proteins.COPPER- Important for healthy coat and condition, fertility and immune system.ZINC- Important for healthy skin, hair, paws and immune system.


  • Protein - 22%
  • Oil - 8%
  • Fibre - 4%
  • 15 Kg

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