Roguard® Xtra

Robust rat box bait station for indoor and outdoor use.

The Roguard® XTRA has twin feeding chambers that will take loose bait, pellets, solid blocks or even liquid baits. The XTRA has been designed to accommodate a rat trap.
Stackability:The XTRA has been designed to stack inside itself. This stackability allows for easy storage and transportation. The key advantage is the ability to carry more bait boxes whilst on site. Six boxes can be easily carried under one arm.

Anchorage Options:The XTRA can be secured in place in a variety of ways. A number of knock-out holes in the rear wall can be utilised to hold the specially designed Wall Mounts or suitable bolts; a small hole in the base of the box takes either a Ground Stake or Ground Anchor; and small slots in the lid allow the box to be fixed to a structure using a wire rope.
How to use:The ROGUARD® Xtra contains a pair of steel bait block holders that can be fixed horizontally, or, by detaching the plastic hangers, can be fitted vertically.
These items are not needed when using loose bait. They are only required if you want to securely fix bait.

Using Roguard® provides protection for non-target species and protects the bait from the elements of the weather.

Safety & Ease of Use:The advanced lock design ensures enhanced tamper-resistance, protecting non-target animals and people from bait exposure.Optional lock caps can be used to protect the locking device increasing the lifespan of the bait station.

Efficacy:The lid is shaped to encourage rain water to run off and the base has seven drainage holes. These designs ensure that the bait is kept as dry as possible.

Key Features

  • Strong and robust
  • Tamper resisting locks
  • Stackable for easy handling
  • Vertical and horizontal bait hangers
  • Takes a rat trap
  • Several quick and easy anchorage options

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