7 Stars Disinfectant

7 Stars Disinfectant

Environment Friendly Multipurpose Disinfectant - For the control of bacteria, Viruses and Fungi Cryptosporidium.

  • 7 Stars is a unique blend of Fruit & Vegetable extract plus essential oil to give a 99.999% kill of bacteria viruses in many situations.
  • Can be sprayed in cubicle houses to help control Mastitis at calving time and calving boxes.
  • Calf houses can be disinfected with 7 stars to help prevent virus and Crytosporidium
  • Can be used on calf feeders, buckets and teats on a regular basis to control disease.

Apply by watering can, Knapsack sprayer or power washer at a rate of 2-4%. Suitable for stables, kennels and poultry houses.

Available in: 5Ltr & 25Ltr containers.


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