Allsure Boluses are an organic supplementary intra-ruminal boluses that supplies the treated animal with four essential trace elements, copper, iodine selenium and cobalt. Allsure Boluses use a slow release system that supplies treated animals with these elements for up to six months from a single dose.

What are the advantages of usingAllsure Boluses?

If an animal is insufficient in any of the trace elements present in Allsure Bolusesit can lead to problems such infertility and poor immune systems as well as other problems. All these problems caused by the lack of either copper, cobalt, iodine or selenium are listed below.  A single dose of Allsure Boluses will prevent deficiency of these elements.

Copper Deficiency: Low copper intake can lead to reduced fertility, reduced growth rate, reduced resistance to disease, reduced milk production, depressed bull libido, joint disorders, reduced semen quality, diarrhoea, bone deformities and spontaneous fractures.

​Iodine Deficiency: While low iodine levels can be quite common the effects that it can have vary greatly. The symptoms can include, reduced fertility, poor weight gain, reduced milk yield and quality, late abortions, stillbirth, perinatal mortality, metabolic disorders, Increased susceptibility to infectious diseases

Selenium Deficiency: Even though selenium is a common naturally occurring element it is frequently low in good quality pastures. Low intake of selenium can lead to white muscle disease, an increase in still births, depressed fertility and retained cleansing

Cobalt Deficiency: Cobalt is essential for the natural production of vitamin B12 in the rumen. Low levels of cobalt will lead to depressed appetite and general poor health.

What do Allsure Boluses Contain?

Element Amount  Per Application
Copper Oxide 30g
Iodine 3400mg
Cobalt 525mg
Selenium 500mg


How doAllsure Boluseswork?

The boluses use a slow release system that works in four stages

Stage 1: The bolus enters the first stomach and releases the rods stored within.

Stage 2: The rods are stored in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stomachs.

Stage 3:Acid in the 4th stomach dissolves the rods

Stage 4: The dissolved rods are passed through to the intestine where they are absorbed into the animals system

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