Alpha Calf Max

Alpha Calf Max

Alpha Calf Max is a blend of natural plants extracts scientifically chosen to give optimum gut health in all calves.

For best results Alpha Calf Max can be added to colostrum at first feeding and added to milk or milk replacer every feed at a rate of 5ml.

The selection by scientists of specific anti-bacterial plant extract stops bad bacteria growing in the calf gut. This allows the calf make full use of all nutrients available in milk or replacer.  If the calves gut is challenged by infections such as Cryptospordium Calf Max Alpha stops the infection clinging to the gut wall and is excreted by the calf before it does damage.

Hygiene at all levels of calf rearing of up most importance from calving pens to calf house, buckets and teats. You must use disinfectants that are suitable for protozoa organisms to have trouble free calf rearing.

Alpha Calf Max - Functional Nutrients to support pre- weaning calves

  • Lower Morbidity
  • Lower Mortality
  • Improved Daily Gain
  • Fit at first calving
  • Increased Milk Production for life!

Alpha Calf contains a unique blend of alpha-monoglycerides and essential oils to maintain excellent gut and respiratory health in preweaning calves.

Alpha-monoglycerides have remarkable antibacterial and antiviral properties. They are sourced from vegetable oils and have been used to support pig and poultry farmers since 2006.

Alpha Calf  Max is the world's first momoglyceride product available for calves.

Active from stomach to hindgut, bloodstream and lungs.

Alpha-monoglycerides are naturally occurring protective substances in mammalian milk (very high in human milk: very low in cow's milk).

Essential Oils including Garlic, Oregano, Eucalyptus and pine have been added carefully to boost the activity of Alpha Calf.

Standard Application : This Complementary Feed product may be added to calf milk replacer or whole milk on farm from day 1 to weaning: 15-20ml/calf/day. Larger volumes may be given for short periods of stress.


Alpha Calf Max at 3ml/L Milk for 30 days preweaning vs. control (CTC + Draxxin). ). Mortality is 2% vs. 17% in RSV +ve calves. (France, 2013)

Alpha Calf Max at 1.25ml/L Milk day 1 to weaning vs. control. 2.5 kg weight difference at day 60  in high health calves.

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