Farm Green Teat Spray

Farm Green Teat Spray/ Udderwash

This is a new generation teat spray made from a synergistic blend of natural plant extract and organic acids, these are all natural food grade ingredients. The appliance of science to these natural ingredients is giving a broad spectrum rapid bacteria kill on contact including Streptococcus, Straphyloccus and E-Coli infections.

Chemical residue in milk has been a problem for a number of years now, but with this Farm Green Teat Spray there is zero harmful residue on the cows teats.

Farm Green Teat Spray is the only non-chemical product to achieve EN1656 status as a registered Biocidal in Europe. Proven to kill Mastitis organisms.

Farm Green Teat Spray has a very high level of natural emollients so skin condition is excellent on treated cows. Improves teat condition - Stops Mastitis

Available in concentrate 7-1 mix or ready to use 200Lt  - Apply Pre-Post Milking

Developed and Manufactured in Ireland - Supporting local Scientist, Enterprise and Employment.

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