Mastervet boluses are designed to help replenish necessary trace minerals that may be lacking in times of increased demand. Mastervet High Trace Bolus can help to prevent problems with health and fertility. Contains copper, cobalt, selenium, zinc and iodine.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Only 1 bolus every 6 months
  • High concentration of trace minerals
  • Heavy structure ensures the bolus stays in the stomach
  • Less labour
  • More economical
  • No wastage
  • Precise administration, every cow gets the same amount
  • Not dependent on appetite (sick cows eat less)
  • Scientific research has shown that our boluses can help to prevent deficiency diseases including (grass tetany), in addition to increasing milk yields, improving growth rates and reducing the incidence of still births

Instructions For Use:

Dairy Cattle: 1 x High Trace Bolus every 6 months. When drying off give 1 x Dry Plus Bolus as an extra supplement on top of the High Trace Bolus.

Young Cattle (over 250kg): Administer 1 x High Trace Bolus when going out on grass plus one more at housing OR 1 x High Trace Bolus every 6 months.

Suitable For: Dairy and Young Cattle (over 250kg)

Activity Period: Slow release over 6 months.

Availability: 12 x 110g boluses per box.

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