Crystalyx Pre-Calver is perfect for feeding to both dairy and beef cows during the dry period, as it provides a low calcium/high magnesium diet which greatly reduces the risk of milk fever and slow calving. The increased levels of magnesium contained in Crystalyx Pre-Calver helps improve muscle tone. Inadequate levels can lead to slow calving syndrome where calving can be difficult and prolonged.


Dry Cow Feeding: Many dry cows receive no special attention during this most important period and are often expected to graze pasture in a cleaning up role. For a very small investment in Pre Calver (14p-20p per cow per day) the forage diet can be supplemented to ensure there are no nutritional deficiencies and help the dry cow to recover to optimum condition prior to calving.

Research carried out at Liggins Institute in New Zealand showed that giving access of Crystalyx Pre-Calver to dairy cows pre calving and early lactation significantly reduced the incidences of milk fever, mastits and the need for assisted calving. Pre-Calver has also been shown to substantially increase the levels of selenium and zinc found in the cows bloodstream.

Key Features

  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Maintains optimum blood magnesium levels to reduce the risk of milk fever and ‘slow calvings’.
  • Supports and maintains a strong, health immune system.
  • Optimises calf health and vigour (more “get up and go”).
  • Reduces the risk of difficult calvings and retained placenta.
  • Conditions cows during the dry period to maintain optimum health.
  • Replenishes trace elements and vitamin reserves pre-calving.
  • Intakes 180-250g per cow per day
  • Available in 22.5Kg tubs and 80Kg buckets


  • Beef
  • Dairy

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